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Music Sales Up, Taliban Joins Twitter, Gilt Worth A Billion, And More...

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Music Sales Up, Taliban Joins Twitter, Gilt Worth A Billion, And More...


Music Sales Up Thanks To Hipsters, Old People

Nielson released a piracy apocalypse-busting stat about the music industry: Sales are up 1.6% in 2011. Premium content, such as the Beatles' albums, and a 37% surge in vinyl (thank your local hipster, everybody), helped propel a trend for a sector that hasn't always had much to celebrate lately. Rock is still the most popular genre at 32% of sales, and pop (not surprisingly) takes home 40% of digital tracks—it's called "pop" for a reason. Now if Comcast would only unblock the Pirate Bay...

Taliban Tweets, No One Listens

For those craving a constant feed of hate and extremism, the Taliban has arrived on Twitter. @alemarahweb pumps out liberally interpreted news about the "infidels'" actions around the world. With only 108 followers, the "brains" behind this operation might want to consider sprinkling in a few juicy Bieber-related tweets to score some extra followers.

Gilt Worth A Billion...With A "B"

The luxury discount online retailer fished another $138 million from VCs, vaulting the company over the billion-dollar price tag. Skeptics, like Andrew Jassin of the Jassin Consulting Group (which works with Gilt), worry that as the recession wanes, access to discounted luxury goods will end, too. CEO Kevin Ryan hits back, saying that the company can sell more than just fashion and discounted goods, leaving it flexible for the (hopefully) recovering economy.

35% of Android Owners Use Apps Before Getting Out of Bed

App and at 'em! Rise and share! (luckily for you, those are all the puns we could think of). Of the early use apps, Facebook is the most popular, registering at 18% of users, according to telecom equipment vendor Ericsson.

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[Image: Flickr user minimoniotaku]