85% Of College Grads Move Home, Facebook Mandates Secure Connection, Apple’s Onerous Fees Kill Publisher, And More…

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Most Grads Live At Home

Polish up those baseball trophies and framed prom photos, Mom and Dad, Tommy’s moving back after college graduation. A survey by Twentysomething Inc. found that 85% of surveyed college graduates expected to move back in with their parents, and as many as 54% will be unemployed. The numbers are sure to reignite the vigorous debate over whether college is really worth it.

Facebook Will Mandate HTTPS

Amid security threats emanating from Middle East revolution, Facebook will require all developers to use a more secure connection, which combines HTTPS and Auth2.0 (which hides passwords from connected web apps). Previously, this security was an option, but too few developers took heed of warnings.

Apple’s 30% Cut Kills Publisher

BeamItDown, maker of the iFlow e-book reader for iOS, will shut its doors due to what it claims was Apple’s unfair surge in fees. “We bet everything on Apple and iOS and then Apple killed us by changing the rules in the middle of the game,” it said in a statement.


Google Lobbies Nevada For Self-Driving Cars

Google is paving all roads for the release of its famous self-driving car, hoping Nevada will make it street legal. Its public testing debut at TED last year made it seem like it was years away, but given this new political development, a commercially available product may be closer than we think. Why not look out ahead, yourself: upgrade your text messaging plan today!


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[Image: Flickr user timetrax23]