Google Would Like To Wirelessly Control Your Lightbulbs With Android@Home

LED bulb

Google has already made its intentions to dive bomb into the energy space clear, but so far, it has left out how this relates to its Android phones. But at this week’s Google I/O developers conference, the company announced its new Android@Home technology will allow users to control appliances directly from their phones–starting with a wirelessly connected LED bulb next year.

This is not entirely new territory. Companies like Control4 already allow users to control appliances–lights, sprinkler systems, air conditioning, and more–from their cell phones and in-home touch screens, but the technology is pricey. Google and its thousands of Android developers will presumably bring prices down to Earth and make remote appliance control cheap, or perhaps even free. The company is relying on its thousands of developers to make accessible home automation a reality.

First up for Android@Home: a wirelessly connected LED bulb from Lighting Science Group that can be controlled via an Android phone or tablet, all using Google’s own wireless protocol to connect home devices. The bulb will be released later this year, according to Earth2Tech.

This isn’t just a boon for the lazy among us; it also makes it easy to save energy at home. If you forget to turn off the air conditioning while you’re at work, for example, you can quickly do it with your phone. The same thing goes nearly every other home appliance. You’ll never have to get up from your couch again–but if you want to, you’ll probably control that from your tablet, too.

[Image: Lighting Science Group]

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