Paintball: Now With Water-Filled Corn Balls

There are all sorts of small parts of live that are having an environmental impact that you don’t even consider. Maybe you leave the water running when you brush your teeth, or maybe on the weekends, you go to the great outdoors and spray plastic balls filled with paint all over the pristine landscape. In fact, about 12 million Americans engage in the great sport of paintball, with little thought to what it means to leave all that paint and debris leaching into the ground.

Hydrotek, a new paintball company, is working out those kinks by making their paintballs from corn (the usual outside is gelatin) and by filling them with a paint that is mostly water. Look, it washes off so easy and has a lovely rap soundtrack:

Hydrotec isn’t making these paintballs because they’re concerned about the impact of shooting balls of oil all over the place (though there is an “Eco” section on their website). It’s because they work better, are cheaper to produce, and because clean paintball courses are better than ones covered in unremoveable oil paint. But there is the added benefit to the rest of us that, if people use these Hydrotec balls, everything is going to be a little cleaner. It’s not going to solve any major problems, but we’ll take every instance where the clean product is also the best product. Win win for everyone.

[Homepage image: Flickr user M. Johansson]MC