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Inside Osama's Compound: Now Available On Google Earth

Wondering what it's like to explore Osama Bin Laden's now famous compound? Google Earth Blog points us to the Google 3D Warehouse, where a number of 3D modelers have taken it upon themselves to sketch up Bin Laden's home—in both serious and amusing detail. Once you've found a model you like, you can view it in Google Earth and feel even more like you're wandering around Pakistan.

Some clever Google Maps users have even reviewed the compound, noting that "this was a hidden gem until a few days ago," and "one feature that always stood out...was the availability of 72 virgins in the master bedrooms." There's nothing like a little humor (see image below) to ease the torrent of emotions felt by many people in the wake of Osama's death.

[Image credits: J.A. Alvarez, Finnian, Aerilius, Mogens Bregnbaek, timmy]

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