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iFive: Google And Facebook Want Skype, The Daily's Stats, Anonymous On Sony Hack, RIM's 10-Inch PlayBook, iPad 3 Going 3-D

1. Rumors have often swirled that Skype was up for acquisition, and now the latest batch suggest that Google and Facebook are involved in a rival courtship dance around the VoIP firm. Facebook may be looking to outright purchase it for $3 to $4 billion, and Google may be trying to wrap it into a new joint venture. Both firms would love to get their hands on Skype's tech and its millions of registered users to drive their own systems.

2. News Corp.'s The Daily is seen by some as the first big experiment in true tablet PC newspaper publishing. It's first figures are out, and they'll be seen by many as a sign the experiment is flailing: There have been about 800,000 downloads over three months, but this generated a $10 million loss. NC itself missed its projected revenues of $8.42 billion with $8.26 billion in income—partly thanks to continued slippage and funds lost in MySpace.

3. Online activist collective Anonymous has officially denied any involvement in user data hacks that have severely crippled Sony's online service, despite Sony accusing them of indirectly being to blame. Anonymous contends that if a "legitimate and honest investigation into credit card theft is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable." It says it's all about attacking "corporate feudalism" and the Sony attack was to avenge Sony's overly stern treatment of PS3 hacker geohotz.

4. A hot new rumor suggests RIM is planning a second-edition PlayBook tablet that's more directly positioned against the iPad by sporting a 10-inch screen. It could even arrive as soon as the Fall. The move comes as news emerges that perhaps too much attention has been lavished on the tablet, and BB OS 7 devices are being delayed later in 2011 as they're not quite polished enough yet. And also as Sprint again delays its launch of the 7-inch current edition, perhaps indefinitely.

5. Meanwhile, an even bigger rumor is suggesting Apple may be embracing the 3-D movement, and incorporating it into next year's expected iPad 3. Indeed a Hollywood insider is being quotes as saying it's a "dead cert" and the studios have been rushing to schedule development of content for the device. Is it plausible? Possibly...given what we know of Apple's relationship with movie giants like Disney. The computational and battery life issues are still immense, however.

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