NUMEROLOGY | Bring On The Sweet Treats

NUMEROLOGY | Bring On The Sweet Treats

9,776 Dunkin’ Donuts shops in 31 countries sell 4.1 MILLION cups of coffee and 5.3 MILLION doughnuts — er, donuts — each day. The most popular flavor: glazed.

Cupcakes star in 3 current TV shows: DC Cupcakes, Cupcake Wars, and The Cupcake Girls.

Legislators in MAINE lobbied to make the WHOOPIE PIE the state dessert, but Pennsylvania residents collected 1,700 signatures in protest of the bill. Both states host an annual whoopie-pie festival.

The world’s LARGEST whoopie pie, made in Maine, weighed 1,067 pounds. That’s 200 pounds of eggs, 300 pounds of flour, 550 pounds of filling, and 300 pounds of sugar — enough for 6,000 servings.

Starbucks celebrated its 40TH anniversary this March with petite whoopie pies, cupcakes, and cake pops, sold for $1.50 each.

In 2010, Crumbs Bake Shop’s 34 outlets pulled in $31.1 MILLION — equal to 7.8 MILLION cupcakes sold at $4 a pop. Crumbs plans to go public in 2011 and expand to 200 locations by 2014.

Magnolia Bakery, whose cupcakes were lionized
on Sex and the City, sells 8,220 cupcakes a day, in New York, Los Angeles, and DUBAI.

10 MILLION pounds of powdered sugar and 10 MILLION of chocolate are used annually to make 2 BILLION “Donettes” by Hostess, the most-bought brand in grocery stores.

Ladurée,  the 149-YEAR-OLD confectioner, sells 2,000 macaroons a day in Paris. The upper-crust treat is now sold in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Starbucks in the U.S., and in MCDONALD’S in France.

Cookie sales trounce DOUGHNUT SALES 6 to 1.

There are roughly 225 cupcake-only emporiums in America. Analysts expert cupcake sales to rise 20% in the next FIVE years.

Typography by Julie Teninbaum