How To Assemble An Eco-office Space

Eco-friendly desk lamps to decorate your drab cubicle.

How To Assemble An Eco-office Space

The halls and cubicles of a paper-pushing, electricity-draining office may seem an unlikely place for eco-ideals, but it’s becoming easier to green your work space as office-supply makers and furniture manufacturers trade lightbulbs and plastic for LEDs and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood.


West Elm Pratt desk

Designed by recent Pratt Institute grads, this desk, made of FSC-certified wood and steel, adds a minimalist feel to any office. ($225, West Elm)

Thinksound ts02 headphones

With a clear, warm sound, these wooden earbuds are good for the environment and the ears. ($80, Think Sound)

Equo LED desk lamp

The 28 energy-efficient LEDs in this lamp will give light for 40,000 hours. ($225, Emmo Home)


Recompute PC

Cardboard seems a curious material to wrap around the hot guts of a computer. However, those guts get only “as hot as a cup of coffee,” says Brenden Macaluso, designer of the system, which comes complete with Windows 7. ($800, Recompute)

Pottok Lines Forest recyclable wallpaper

($165 for 5 yards, Pottok Prints)


Lexon Safe radio

Wind it up for just two minutes, and this bamboo- and-corn-based plastic radio will play portable green jams for half an hour. ($65, Lexon USA)

Rhinoceros eraser

It’s a mini rhino, but a big (PVC-free) eraser. Two percent of sales is donated to the Center for Biological Diversity. ($10, See Jane Work)

Hulger Pappa phone

Handmade from a single piece of American walnut, this phone makes VOIP calls when plugged into a computer. ($200, Hulger)


Vapur water bottle

Freeze, roll up, and write on these BPA-free bottles. ($16 for two, Vapur)

Ecosystem notebooks

($17, ecosystem)

Lexon Safe solar-powered calculator

($35, Lexon USA)


DBA 98 Pens

Made of potato-based plastic, these pens will decompose within 180 days if composted. ($9 for three, DBA)

Areaware beech-wood ruler

($95 for a four-piece set, Areaware)

Photograph by Lisa Shin