Self-professed Internet guru Alex Blagg from has apparently taken his show on the road, as he keeps sending us dispatches on what he claims are the “hottest new bizwords blowing up presentations and panels at tech conferences, expos, forums, and fests across the world.”


Any conversation you have at a conference that doesn’t involve networking, selling, or closing. Do not make the mistake of making normal small talk.

Limp Bizness

The feeling of shame one experiences when trying to hand a paper business card to someone who now handles all their contact-info sharing with a fancy new app on their mobile device.

VIP Inception

The practice of putting a VIP section in the VIP section of your VIP-only launch party that caters only to double-elite VIP influencers.


The process of mindlessly collecting as many T-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, little hipster buttons, and other forms of branded swag as you can at a trade show or conference.


When a conference speaker or presenter’s ideas are so powerful that the entire audience stares intently into their computer screens, dutifully live-tweeting everything they’re not missing completely.

Illustrations by Andrew Rae