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CloudMagic Brings Offline Search To Gmail, Docs, Contacts

Welcome to a world where you no longer need an Internet connection to check email. But is this truly a miracle?

CloudMagic Brings Offline Search To Gmail, Docs, Contacts

The Crossing of the Red Sea

At long last! You can now search your Gmail, Google Docs, a Contacts without an Internet connection. CloudMagic, a company that wants to be something like the Spotlight search for your online data, makes it possible.

How thorough of an archival utility is it now? CloudMagic's Chirag Pinjar tells us that CloudMagic won't go so far as to download the attachments to your emails—you'll still need an Internet connection to grab those. "In short CloudMagic mirrors all your mails (except attachments), contacts and docs on your hard drive," he tells Fast Company.

CloudMagic has already been saving time for Google account owners everywhere. The Atlantic's James Fallows memorably waxed enthusiastic about it recently, declaring that "if you are using Gmail, and you're not using CloudMagic, you are shortening your effective lifespan, plus sapping the economy." An early adopter of an earlier version of the service, he explained why it was helpful: it moved lightning-fast, like Google Instant; you could search multiple Gmail accounts at once; and so on.

So what's new here? If Fallows wrote about this months back, wasn't the miracle already complete? Not quite. Fallows had one quibble, he said--and it wasn't a minor one, really. In order to get CloudMagic to work, you had to be connected to the Internet; you had to be logged in to Gmail in the "normal" way, through the browser, for the offline feature to work at all. (The reasons for this were a little technical.)

That changes today. And in the process, it transforms CloudMagic's project—from a "mere" time-saver to something like an archival utility. Need access to that crucial email, but there's not a signal to be found anywhere? CloudMagic has your back.

Despite our feeling that CloudMagic is onto something novel here, with real archival possibilities, Pinjar appears to downplay today's development. What CloudMagic really brings to the table is still summed up with a single word, he says: speed.

Download the new CloudMagic here.

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