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Leadership Founder On Harnessing The Power Of Tater Tots For Teachers didn't attract 250,000 donors and $30 million dollars to fund 60,000 classroom projects by relying solely on their good will alone. At Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored 2011, founder Charles Best shared how he's partnered with a wide variety of corporations to make Donors Choose as tempting as fatty snacks. Founder On Harnessing The Power Of Tater Tots For Teachers

Go to Starbucks and log in to the Wi-Fi. Right there on the hompage, you'll find classrooms a stone's throw away with projects that need funding— is there, too. Or maybe you're driving into a Sonic for a Lime-Aid and a Jr. Fritos Chili Cheese wrap. DonorsChoose is there, too, offering you a chance to vote on which one of its local classroom-teacher programs you want that Sonic to fund. Charles Best, a former Bronx, New York, teacher himself, told a rapt audience at our Innovation Uncensored event recently, how the hyplocal, microgiving, crowd-sourced supercharity has partnered with the producers of not-so-good-for-you goods to do good.

... And maintains its trustworthiness.

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