advertisement Founder On Harnessing The Power Of Tater Tots For Teachers

Go to Starbucks and log in to the Wi-Fi. Right there on the hompage, you’ll find classrooms a stone’s throw away with projects that need funding– is there, too. Or maybe you’re driving into a Sonic for a Lime-Aid and a Jr. Fritos Chili Cheese wrap. DonorsChoose is there, too, offering you a chance to vote on which one of its local classroom-teacher programs you want that Sonic to fund. Charles Best, a former Bronx, New York, teacher himself, told a rapt audience at our Innovation Uncensored event recently, how the hyplocal, microgiving, crowd-sourced supercharity has partnered with the producers of not-so-good-for-you goods to do good.

… And maintains its trustworthiness.