The Queen’s Tweets


Guests of the royal wedding on 29 April will be prevented from posting live Tweets, after event organisers arranged for signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey.

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THEREALQueen, 5 hrs ago

some stodgy little no-fun tried to confiscate OUR BlackBerry, but we gave our ROYAL WITHERING GAZE… live-tweeting thru wedding!


THEREALQueen, 4 hrs, 30 min ago

tonight, our little willy finally becomes a man!! (#overshare?)


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 45 min ago

ooh! kate took little stumble coming up the aisle. someone say “nipslip”?


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 43 min ago

hahahahaaa, who fell for that, n00bs…


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 38 min ago

@KateFan12 “disrespect” in EYE of BEHOLDER. u can’t handle our tweets, unfollow!


THEREALQueen, 2 hrs, 36 min ago

[Sponsored Tweet] OMG, the photos in official programme *ravishing*. avail @ marlborough gate, trflgr sq, cockspur street & more!!!


THEREALQueen, 1 hr, 1 min ago

need help, tweeps!! should we just make her duchess or all-out princess?!?1 #crowdsourcing


THE REALQueen, 4 min ago

will sez… wanted: french press, cuisinart, futon, more. wedding registry at @potterybarn. #supportthetroops