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The Queen's Tweets

There's no Twittering allowed at the royal wedding. But when you're the queen, you make your own rules.

The Queen's Tweets

Guests of the royal wedding on 29 April will be prevented from posting live Tweets, after event organisers arranged for signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey.

-eWeek Europe


THEREALQueen, 5 hrs ago

some stodgy little no-fun tried to confiscate OUR BlackBerry, but we gave our ROYAL WITHERING GAZE... live-tweeting thru wedding!


THEREALQueen, 4 hrs, 30 min ago

tonight, our little willy finally becomes a man!! (#overshare?)


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 45 min ago

ooh! kate took little stumble coming up the aisle. someone say "nipslip"?


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 43 min ago

hahahahaaa, who fell for that, n00bs...


THEREALQueen, 3 hrs, 38 min ago

@KateFan12 "disrespect" in EYE of BEHOLDER. u can't handle our tweets, unfollow!


THEREALQueen, 2 hrs, 36 min ago

[Sponsored Tweet] OMG, the photos in official programme *ravishing*. avail @ marlborough gate, trflgr sq, cockspur street & more!!!


THEREALQueen, 1 hr, 1 min ago

need help, tweeps!! should we just make her duchess or all-out princess?!?1 #crowdsourcing


THE REALQueen, 4 min ago

will sez... wanted: french press, cuisinart, futon, more. wedding registry at @potterybarn. #supportthetroops