Want That Free Groupon? Innobell Is Here To Help

New add-ons come to the do-stuff-while-chatting app launched by a young Israeli entrepreneur.

Shai Magzimof and team


Innobell, an app from an Israeli tech wunderkind who had to pitch an Army general to score time to work on it, launches four new add-ons today. Innobell is an app, currently for Android, that lets you do things collaboratively while talking on the phone or chatting with friends via an IM program. Share your location, create a PayPal connection, or settle a matter with rock-paper-scissors–these are a few of the things you can do with Innobell.

Innobel Groupon

Today, Innobell adds to the list four other add-ons: Twitter, Quora, Amazon, and Groupon. The last one is the one we find most intriguing, and brings new energy to the term “social buying.” As Shai Magzimof tells Fast Company: “Right now with Innobell you can actually call and convince your friend to buy with you, and you’re seeing the same deal in real time.” (If you convince enough people to buy a Groupon with you, your deal is free.) Of course, you can always email a deal and call your friend, but Innobell’s idea is that by embedding experiences like these into a phone call, you add a sense of urgency and immediacy. A Groupon, an Amazon product, a Quora question–these all become objects-at-hand, exhibits in an ongoing phone conversation or chat.

Magzimof shared some statistics with us: About 4,500 people have downloaded Innobell. The majority of these have used the location sharing service; the second most popular feature was Facebook; the third, the rock-paper-scissors game. About 400 people had tried the PayPal add on. Magzimof says he has gotten a lot of feedback, the most common being that people wished more of their friends used Innobell, which would increase its utility for the existing pool of users. (What else is he going to say, right?)

Magzimof and his team are continuing to work on the product: They’re developing a version for iPhone and VOIP.

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