PlayStation’s Prolonged Shutdown, Goodbye Friendster, A “Condom” For Facebook, And More…


Sony admits that some personal data has indeed been obtained by the unknown hackers that caused the ongoing network outage. Among the more probable data stolen are names, addresses, and email addresses. It is unknown whether credit card information was also taken.

Keith Olbermann Launches Show On Current June 20th

The liberal firebrand is back with multi-syllabic commentary, run-on sentences, and pointed political analysis. Relaunching with the same name, “Countdown,” Olbermann says that his show will include “a huge footprint on the net.” [Update: 12:45 PM PST]

Geek Crisis, Day 6: PlayStation Network Still Down

After a devastating hack took down the Sony PlayStation Network, the company has shut down the network for an indefinite amount of time–but already, this is the longest shutdown on memory. It is still unknown whether credit card and other private data of the 75 million gamers who use the service was hoisted in the attack.

Electronic Arts COO Joins Zynga

In a transition that may illustrate the growing dominance of social games, COO John Schappert will move to Facebook game giant Zynga after only 2 years at Electronic Arts.

Goodbye, Friendster

The social networking pinoneer is encouraging users to download their data before it closes its doors on May 31st.

A Facebook Condom

The Using Protection service is a browser-enabled malware-alert system that cautions users against bad links and protects against spam for 99 cents a month.

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[Image: Flickr user Cali4beach]