Google Forgives Overstock, Nook Goes Tablet, Walmart Tests Grocery Delivery, And More…

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Youtube will feature short films from the Tribeca Film Festival from now until May 17th. Check out this clever one of a polar bear’s life as a rags-to-riches Hollywood star, voiced by David Duchovny. [Update: 4:30 PM PST]

Senate To Release Expense Data

Two years after legislation promising to release expenditure data, the Senate announced that it will make the information public in PDF format, a notoriously difficult filetype to analyze data from. [Updated: 3:30 PM PST]

Fire Ants Inspire Engineers


The secrets of the physics-defying raft capabilities of fire ants has been uncovered and will likely inspire improved waterproof tech. [Updated: 3:30 PM PST]

Facebook Allows Small Group Sharing

Users can now share items with just those in the groups they belong to. ‘Groups’ is a relatively new feature that allows individuals with similar interests to host their own Facebook page and easily communicate with other members of the group. The brand new sharing feature permits users to share only with specific groups, decreasing an otherwise noisy newsfeed. [Updated: 1:34 PM PST]

penalty box Released From Google ‘Penalty Box


Google has released
from its reduced search ranking after the retailer dropped a policy of
encouraging colleges to post links to its products. Google gives high
weight to ‘.edu’ sites, which rarely link to retailers, giving a boost that Google had considered inflated.

Nook Color Gets Email, Web Browser, Apps, And More

An update to the Barnes & Noble Nook gives users access to Gmail, Pandora, and a Flash-supportive browser, making it one of the cheapest tablets on the market. The slimmed-down Android operating system, however, will only run apps from the B&N store. Read Kit Eaton’s analysis on how this move effects the e-reader market here.

These Celebs Make Magazine Sales Spike

A huge boost in Men’s Health circulation for its ‘Twilight Series’ reveals a not-too-surprising source of influence in the magazine biz–hot, shirtless vamps and werewolves.


Walmart Tests Online Grocery Service

The world’s largest grocer is testing out a online delivery service in the San Jose (Silicon Valley) area.

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