Franken Fumes Over iPhone Privacy Leak, New York Times Sells 100k eSubscriptions, China’s Hot Apple Market, And More….

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The Center for Disease Control will award $35,000 to a developer who can utilize an existing dataset that educates citizens about flu prevention or treatment with an “innovative mobile or web app, data visualization, system, tool, or game!” [Update 4:33 PM PST]

Crowdsourced Movie, Life In A Day, Trailer Released

National Geographic’s motion picture compilation of user-submitted videos illustrates a one-day snapshot of life on planet earth. [Updated: 3:52 PM PST]

“Report: Russian Software Tycoon’s Son Is ‘Missing’ “

Russian secret service have been searching for the son of security software giant, Yevgeny Kaspersky, for at least two days. According to Russian news site, Life News, kidnappers are holding the 20-year-old for a roughly $4 million ransom. Read more about Kaspersky’s work here.


Sen. Franken Upset Over iPhone Tracking Data

In a strongly worded letter to Steve Jobs, Senator Al Franken expresses extreme concern over the recent discovery that iPhone’s are keeping location data on an unencrypted file.
“The existence of this information–stored in an unencrypted format–raises serious privacy concerns,” he wrote.

3-D Porno Busts Box Office In China

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy takes the cherry at the Hong Kong box office, beating out Avatar as the long-held contender. What’s the compelling plot of this soft-core sensation, you may ask (because who isn’t curious), think Krull-meets-Emmanuelle 4.

NYTimes Paywall Subscription Numbers: Not Great; Not A Disaster sold 100,000 electronic subscriptions, which permits heavy users access past its hotly contested “paywall.” The Times‘ $1 four-week trail deal may be inflating those numbers a bit, but even at a fraction of the roughly $20 million these subscribers will pay over a year, it’s a significant chunk of the newspaper’s $31 million year-over-year profit.


China’s Hot Second-Hand Market For Apple Products

As China becomes Apple’s fastest growing market, customers are still camping outside Apple stores to sell iPads and iPhones back in China.

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