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Wanted: A Practical Laptop Pedestal

The A-stand is a rugged ergonomic stand for your laptop that packs flat, assembles fast, and boasts a little Danish design cred.

Wanted: A Practical Laptop Pedestal


If the sight of anything flat-packed makes your skin crawl, then you've definitely been the victim of at least one heavier-than-it-looks Ikea bookshelf. But fear not, genteel reader: the A-stand arrives looking like a model car (Ages 4+, we'd say) not a masochistic Sunday afternoon. Made from standard-sized PVC piping and joints, the A-Stand is rugged, practical, and light: perfect for those rough-and-tumble office rats who care secretly about ergonomics. It's so simple, in fact, it'll make you wonder why it took some Danish guy with a PhD to design it. And why it's $70. But hush—it's European. Comes in black, white, and (our favorite) yellow.

Available now from for DKK 400 ($70 USD).

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