Obama Facebook Friends Zuck Bunch In Palo Alto, iPhone Tracking Movement, Social Media In College Admissions, And More…

Apple boasts huge second quarter growth, with 113% iPhone growth (18.65 phones) and 28% Mac growth (3.67 computers) compared to last year’s Q2. [Update: 2:18 PM PST]

Obama To Host Facebook Town Hall

At 1:45 p.m. PST, the President will respond to user-submitted questions about the budget from Facebook HQ. Those without a Facebook account can watch via the White House live stream.

World Bank’s Interactive Project Map

The World Bank released an interactive map to chart the progress of its $168 million in aid spending. “Once the general public gets access to what we are doing, we strongly believe as more people get involved that what we do will be done better,” says Soren Gigler, who oversaw the Mapping for Results project.

iPhone Tracking User Movement On Unencrypted File

Detailed location information is being collected on an easily accessible file stored on any machine the iPhone syncs with. The researchers who discovered the file have developed an app to show users what information is available (screen shot below).

Infographic: Social Media And College Admissions

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[Image: Jeremy Todaro via DefectiveByDesign]GF