Pre-Teens Swarm Facebook, Google Map Maker For U.S., HBO Live Streaming, And More…


Bobsled permits free friend-to-friend calling through Facebook. For now, Bobsled is voice only and requires the recipient to also have the app installed. [Updated: 1:20]

China’s Mystery Jet Makes Second Flight

The stealth J-20 is said to have made a second succesful test flight, and some analysts speculate it may rival the only other operational jet designed to evade radar, the F-22 Raptor. [Updated: 1:20]


Scads of  European Pre-Teens On Facebook

The London School of Economics finds that 43% of 9- to 12-year-olds report having a social networking profile. The study highlights the difficulty in implementing Facebook’s 13-year-old age requirement.

Google Map Maker Comes To U.S.

After resounding success at crowdsourcing location knowledge in places such as the Indian Institute for Technology, Google Maps is permitting U.S. users to add the locations of items such as public parking lots, bike paths, and unmarked restaurants. All additions are reviewed and “will appear in Google Maps within minutes.” Watch real-time mapping here (Google Earth plug-in required):

PTSD App Helps Soldiers Cope

PTSD Coach provides struggling soldiers with accurate medical information, sources of local support, and individualized coping strategies.

HBO Live Streaming Coming Next Month

HBO subscribers will have access to “every episode of every season” on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for many of HBO’s popular shows.

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[Image: Flickr user brewbooks]