12 Ways Brand Leaders Make Better Lovers

Oscar winner Warren Beatty had affairs with just about all the most beautiful women in the world. When he was asked, “What is the secret of your success with women?”

He said “I ask every woman I meet if she’ll sleep with me.”

Branding is like that too. We ask a lot of our colleagues, of our clients, of ourselves. Otherwise, we wouldn’t “get any.”

Why is branding so passionate? How come brand envy carries such a resemblance to lover jealousy? And why does a successful product launch bring that euphoric feeling often associated with young infatuated love?

The answers to these questions and more are completely covered in this humorous presentation on branding on its deepest level.

Recipient of over 320 national and international design and branding recognitions and awards, David Brier is an award-winning brand identity designer, author, and branding expert. His firm’s work has won the admiration of peers and organizations but has, more importantly, helped clients jump-start their brands in new and innovative ways, even (and especially) when they’ve failed in previous brand makeovers. Most recently, David’s celebrated work for Botanical Bakery was selected for the 2010 Communication Arts Design Annual and will be featured in “The Big Book of Packaging.”

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