Between Aerosmith And American Idol, Steven Tyler Gets Around

Between Aerosmith And American Idol, Steven Tyler Gets Around
Infographic by M. Wartella


Infographic: Six Degrees of Steven Tyler

IT’S A BUSY MONTH for Steven Tyler, who will judge the 10th American Idol finale May 25th and promote his new memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, out May 3rd. Here, we connect the music man’s overlapping empires.

David Fincher directed Aerosmith’s “Janie’s got a gun” music video.

Fincher also directed The Social Network.

Facebook voting was recently introduced on American Idol.

Carrie Underwood is Idol‘s most bankable winner, with 12 million albums sold.

Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has sold more than 10 million albums.

The band Daughtry featuring Idol finalist Chris Daughtry has a track on Guitar Hero: On Tour.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith launched in 2008.

Adam Lambert’s first post-Idol hit was “Whataya Want Fom Me,” penned by Pink.

Tyler sang a duet with Pink on her album Miss Undaztood.

Aerosmoth music sales rose 250% in the weeks after Steven Tyler joined Idol.

Aerosmith’s top tour: 2001 “Just Push Play” | 1,028,797 tickets and $49.3 million ($61.3 million in 2011 dollars).

Idol’s top tour: “American Idol’s Live” 2006 | 656,275 tickets and $35 million ($38.2 million in 2011 dollars).

RUN-DMC gained notoriety with their rap/rock mashup of “Walk This Way.”

Daughther Liv Tyler starred in 1998’s Armageddon.

Tyler once cameo’d on Disney sitcom Lizzie McGuire.

The American Idol experience ride opened in Disney World in 2009.

Kid Rock opened for Aerosmith in 2002.

AC/DC broke through after opening for Aerosmith.

Gun N’ Roses opened for Aerosmith in 1987.

Armageddon, also starring Ben Affleck, featured Aerosmith’s first-ever No. 1, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.”

Jennifer Lopez, now an Idol judge, once dated Affleck.

[Infographic by M. Wartella]