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Chemistry At Work

It’s one play in a season of thousands, but former Chicago Bull Steve Kerr sees this Eddie House game winner as a sign of Miami’s emerging teamwork.

Chemistry At Work

1. Trailing 103 — 102 with 30 sec-onds to go against Oklahoma City on January 30th, Wade, who has had the hot hand all game, misses a short jumper. Mike Miller grabs the ball and fires it out beyond the three-point arc to James.

2. James rises as if preparing to launch the ball. The Heat needs a win, and the team has struggled with this very scenario: deciding who shoots in crunch time. Four of its recent losses were by five points or less.

3. Having drawn a defender close, James passes to his right, where Eddie House is waiting. Critics later question James’s reluctance to take the critical shot. But this is House’s role: to come off the bench and fire the three-pointer.

4. House launches the ball without hesitation. Nothing but net. The Heat wins 108 — 103. “That’s the kind of play you love as a coach,” says Kerr. “Unselfishness, trust, teamwork — it’s all there… . I’ll be shocked if they don’t win multiple titles in the next six to eight years.”

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