Tony Blair’s Secret Club And Other Clubs We Want To Crash

When the rich and powerful really want to talk, they do it behind closed doors.

Tony Blair’s Secret Club And Other Clubs We Want To Crash
Illustration by Raymond Biesinger


The Bilderberg Group

In addition to attracting 150 high-powered bankers, politicians, and businesspeople from around the globe (past attendees include Tony Blair and Ben Bernanke), these ultra-secretive meetings also attract attention from conspiracy theorists, who believe Bilderberg is working toward a one-world government.
Where: Sitges, Spain*
When: May

Kappa Beta Phi

Wall Street’s secret honor society meets at New York’s St. Regis Hotel to induct new members, who, often dressed in drag, perform a far-from-PC variety show poking fun at Wall Street and government bigwigs. If the members don’t like it, they throw dinner rolls.
Where: New York
When: January

The Meeting of Fathers and Sons

Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, with a net worth of $74 billion, hosts a yearly meeting of Latin American businessmen (many fellow billionaires) and their sons to discuss global business, family companies, and — oddly enough — poverty.
Where: Mexico City*
When: Spring

The Weekend to Be Named Later

One hundred industry leaders — from designers to venture capitalists to taxi drivers — gather at the Biltmore Hotel for this off-the-record conference party. The progressive, nonpartisan gathering never focuses on a particular topic: Last year’s itinerary ping-ponged from Iraq to AIDS to addiction to social networking.
Where: Miami
When: New Year’s weekend

Koch Industries Meetings

Organized by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, these semi-annual meetings are a veritable who’s who of right-wing politics, business, and power (Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh attend). A leaked memo for January’s meeting in Palm Springs, Florida, asked those invited to combat “climate-change alarmism and the move to socialized health care.”
Where: Palm Springs*
When: January and June

*These events change often — we’ve listed the most recent locale.