Huge Valuations For Groupon And Flipboard, Your Weekend Sleep-Cast, Self-Erasing HDs, And More…

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eBooks raked in $90 million in February, up 202% from last year, as reported by the Association of American Publishers. One important caveat: the report does not include retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, so the numbers are not a precise reflection of the market. [Updated: 2:39]

National Online IDs Move Forward

The White House is moving forward with a plan to develop secure online identities, which appear to remove the need for passwords or other verification information to access most websites. A user would only need to become verified through a single organization and then surf the web freely. [Updated: 2:00]

Watch Coachella Live


The popular music festival will live stream via Youtube starting today. It’s just like being at the festival–without having to wait an hour in 200 degree heat for a $20 bag of ice. [Updated: 2:00]

Groupon Valued At Up To $20 Billion

One of the world’s fastest growing businesses may be worth up to $20 billion for their upcoming IPO–three times what Google reportedly offered.

Flipboard Said To Be Valued At $200 Million

The popular iPad app scores $50 million in funding, bringing its valuation to a solid $200 million.


Weekends Don’t Make Up For Lost Sleep

Without eight hours of sleep, we continually decline in mental prowess, and weekend catch-ups probably won’t help.

Toshiba’s Self-Erasing Harddrives

Super-secure harddrives, like phones for protestors, can erase themselves if they detect booting up in the wrong machine; it even tosses the encryption key away way too, making the data permanently inaccessible.

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