• 04.15.11

Twitter TV Hashtag Tips From Twitter’s Own Expert

Twitter’s director of media partnerships, Chloe Sladden, discusses expert hashtag tips for TV shows

At the 2011 NAB Show this week, Twitter’s director of media partnerships, Chloe Sladden — the subject of our November cover story about Twitter TV — discusses two quick, brilliant examples of how to engage TV audiences with a hashtag.


The first strategy is the “canonical hashtag”: using actual show names. For Sunny in Philadelphia, the hashtag is #SunnyFX. This facilitates an ongoing discussion and alerts viewers when the show is on.

The second is “Mad-lib”: choosing a different hashtag each show with a call to action in hopes of achieving a trending topic. For 106 & Park on BET, they might use #neverthat to answer the question “what would you never do?”

What’s your favorite TV show’s hashtag?

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