White iPhone Cometh, Twitter Rejected $10B From Google, 100Mbps Coming Nationwide, And More…


Kinect Live Gold members are now able to navigate through Netflix with gesture and voice commands. [Update: 12:40]

VC Funding has Strong 2011 Start

An increase in the median of VC funded projects boosted Q1 rates to $7.5 billion (up from from 6.5) on 738 deals, according to CB Insights. [Update: 12:40]

Youtube Creates Piracy School for Copyright Violators

A Happy Tree Friends-themed PSA warns users about the pitfalls of piracy violations and may require offenders to watch the video. [Update: 12:40]

Apple‘s legendary white iPhone will be ready for AT&T and Verizon in a few weeks, according “three people with knowledge of the plans.”

Twitter Rejected $10 Billion Offer From Google

Twitter reportedly turned down multiple offers, including $2 billion from Facebook and one from Microsoft.

Crowdsourced Map Campaign Attempts Anti-Slave Momentum

Demand the Brand, a State Department-supported project, allows users to upload photos of themselves with products to “demand” that they be made slave-free. Demand the Brand claims, “Unfortunately there’s no real way to tell if the products we buy are made without slavery” and is hoping the guilt-inducing photos will help flesh out the truth.

Comcast Brings 100Mbps Speed Nationwide

The $105 “Extreme 105” is being rolled out to Comcast cities around the country. Comcast claims users can download an HD movie in 5 seconds.

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[Image: Flickr user Photo Giddy]