Clouds in the Silver Lining: McDonald’s 50,000 Jobs

College graduate pep talk in 2001: “As boring and humbling as your job is here at Video Shack, at least you’re not behind the counter at McDonald’s.”

College graduate pep talk in 2011: “If you’re lucky, you can land one of these 50,000 new jobs from McDonald’s.”

Global fast-food behemoth McDonald’s announced that it will fill 50,000 jobs on its first ever national hiring day, April 19. The company pitched that recruitment surge as if it were unalloyed good news. The crew and management postions will be full-time, part-time, “a mix of permanent and temporary jobs,” according to McDonald’s spokesperson Ashlee Yingling.

Sung to the tune of “You Deserve a Career Today,” here are three clouds in McDonald’s silver lining:

1) Currently, 13.5 million U.S. workers are unemployed. Who could have predicted a day when the United States would see 270 available job applicants for every McDonald’s employment opportunity?

2) “A McJob is one with career growth and endless possibilities,” the company said in a statement. In that same statement, the company admitted that a crap economy is a primary factor in reduced employee turnover.

3) McDonald’s hourly employees, brags Yingling, typically make more than minimum wage, often edging north of $8 an hour. Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. The McDonald’s starting pay translates to approximately $16,000 per year. According to the federal poverty guidelines, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, anything less than $18,530 for a family of three is really, really broke.

That’s not taking into account paying back those student loans.

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