Facebook Wall Secrets Revealed, Romney Announces Prez Run on YouTube, Familiar Name in Webby Noms, and More…


A new law mandates that energy companies generate 33% of electrical power from renewable sources by 2020. [Updated: 5:16]

Senate to Introduce Privacy Bill

Former presidential candidates McCain and Kerry have teamed up for a privacy bill of rights that requires notification and opt-out for collecting some information, and may require opt-in for sensitive data. [Updated: 1:01]

iPhone 3D without Glasses

New head-tracking technology supposedly permits 3-dimensional viewing for the iPhone (and iPad). [Updated: 1:01]

Facebook Wall Secrets Revealed

The Daily Beast ran an experiment to crack the Facebook algorithm and found, among other things,that “recent” news is filtered, links are favored above status updates, and posts with high views get prioritized. It should be noted, the experiment was run from a single account, and is therefore not scientific.

2011 Webby’s Announced

The Internet’s Oscars announced nominees today, including sensations Angry Birds and Old Spice. Fast Company gets a nod for our Influence Project (under “Social Media”).

Mitt Romney Believes in America and YouTube

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney announced his intentions to run for president on YouTube. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it’s only up to 57k views–not a good sign for someone who hopes to be the most popular person in the world, even if everyone just watched the same announcement on CNN instead.

Huffington Post Gets Sued by Bloggers

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Huffington Post, claiming credit for part of its $315 million AOL buyout. The plaintiff, Jonathan Tasini, was the victor in a previous case on freelancer rights against The New York Times.

Photo of the Day: Tiny Robots!

Sources: Reuters, VentureBeat, The Daily Beast, Mashable, CNN, Forbes

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