Hidden iPhone Gestures, Winklevii Lose Again, Ashton Kutcher Tackles Sex Slavery, and More…

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In the first post-revolution censorship case, the military government has imprisoned 25-year-old political blogger, Maikel Nabil, for criticing the new government on Facebook. “The revolution until now has succeeded in getting rid of the dictator, but the dictatorship is still there,” he wrote. [Updated: 4:02]

Unlock Hidden iPhone Gestures

Jail-broken iPhones can unlock hidden four and five-finger gestures, such as immediate access to the homescreen and multitasking tool bar. [Updated 12:01]

Winklevoss Twins Must Accept Facebook Settlement

An appeals court rules that the famous twins must accept a $65 million court settlement in the legal battle claiming to be the inventors of the idea of Facebook. [Updated 12:01]


Eva Longoria in PSA

Kutcher and Moore Aim to Make Sex Slavery Taboo (and PSAs Weird)

An irreverent anti-sex slave trade campaign is a star-filled project aimed at making the middle-class buyers fueling the black-market business think twice about “buying girls.”

VC Pays Students to Drop Out


Influential investor Peter Thiel is paying a highly select group of students $100,000 to drop out of college and start a business. Peter has strong misgiving’s about higher ed’s ROI and is running the program as a (highly contentious) experiment.

Real Rewards for In-Game Achievement

Mobile advertising startup, Kiip, rewards achievements in mobile games with free food and discounted products in the real world. The cofounder, Brian Wong, is 19.

Two Giant Pieces of the Internet’s Backbone Fuse

Level 3 will aquire Global Crossing in a $1.9 billion deal aimed at regaining profitability. The telecom companies are known mostly for their fiber optic networks.

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