iFive: Steve Jobs Bio, Epsilon Breach’s Costs, Street View in Germany, Photoshop Embraces Touch, Apple Playing for Games Market

If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters. But since you managed to get up anyway, here’s our early news summary to help you on your way.

1. When former Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson began appearing at Apple events, everyone knew he was working on a book. Over the weekend it was officially revealed that his authorized biography of Steve Jobs, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, will be published in early 2012. Isaacson’s written high-profile biographies about Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Kissinger, and once tried to make Bill Gates Time‘s Person of the Year.


2. The large-scale Epsilon email data breach has ongoing security repercussions for millions of people around the world. Now the true cost to the company behind the service, Alliance Data Systems Corp., is emerging: In lost sales and fees needed to fix the matter ADS may end up paying over $100 million–about $20 per record for each of the approximately 100,000 customers at 50 ADS clients.

3. Despite a recent court ruling that makes photography of properties from the public street legal, Google has revealed it’s stopped recording Street View photos in Germany. It will continue to record data such as street names and road signs to improve its hyperlocal data store and keep the database up to date, but no more property images will be taken–existing images of the 20 cites will be retained. Google isn’t explaining itself, but its persistent legal woes in Germany may be behind the decision.

4. Adobe and Apple haven’t exactly seen eye to eye recently, but it looks like Adobe is realizing it needs to align its business with some of the new paradigms Apple is creating — today it will reveal a suite of new programs that help designers create touch-enabled interfaces, the Photoshop Touch SDk. There are three iPad apps too–each designed to add functionality for designers working on a Mac or PC running the full Photoshop package. The tools will find uses, but they’re also designed to show off the developer toolset Adobe’s building for cross-platform app writing.

5. Apple is also in the news right now as it appears the firm is making a very serious attempt to capture big chunks of the mobile/casual gaming market (a recent market analysis estimated it would be worth $5 billion by 2015). To make its move, Apple is hiring top British PR people away from Nintendo and Activision. Can we wonder if more serious, big-name games will end up on iDevices soon?

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