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The World Bank estimates that selling high-level video game characters to westerners could be a huge cash crop for developing nations–more than actual crops. The BBC report did forget to warn virtual currency farmers subjected to sweatshop-like conditions.

Youtube Live Launches

With backing from popular web content producer, Rivision3, Youtube rolls out is live streaming service for all “approved” partners.

HTC Profits Nearly Triple

HTC says that its Q1 profits nearly tripled to 511 Million, partly based on Android’s growing popularity


SEC Mulls Expanding Private Investor Numbers for Startups

Securities and Exchange Commission may allow startups to increase the number of private investors before having to publicly disclose financial information. Critics say it shuts out non-millionaire investors from a public offering and proponents argue it will encourage more investment seeking from transparency-shy startups.

Google May Acquire Search Software Due to Shutdown Rush *updated

The Justice Department may permit Google’s $700 million acquisition of search-software giant ITA in order to avoid a possible government shutdown delay. ITA software powers many of the most popular airline search engines, such as Orbit and Kayak.


Update: The acquisition has been approved, acoording to a Google blog post–that was fast.

Confusion of how Shutdown Effects Government Blackberry Use

A 19th century law that prohibits non-“essential” federal employees from working during a shutdown is causing confusion over if federal employees can use their Blackberry’s to check email and how they will even know what is essential work without doing so.

Google Rolls Out Checkin Deals for Latitude Nationwide

Google’s check-in platform, Latitude, rolls out nationwide and offers an interesting twist on deals: regular check-ins can earn greater rewards.


Pic of the Day

Behind the scenes look at our March issue photoshoot with the Carlos Ghosn

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