White iPhone Becomes White Elephant, Report Shows Strong Facebook Sharing ROI, Branson Dives Deep, and More…

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Live streaming of the first 4 seasons of the popular series will cost around 1 million an episode, start this summer, and be updated as future seasons finish on AMC. [Updated: 4:15]

Government Shutdown Q&A

According to NPR, a government shutdown would stop many loan processes, museums would shut down, delay paper-filed tax refunds, and the EPA would stop issuing permits–among other nasty impacts. [Updated: 12:55]

Univision Takes on NBC Ratings

Universion says that in 50% of nights during Q1 of 2011, it has beat NBC in the 18-49 demographic–signaling a big demographic shift in the future. [Updated 12:30]


New Facebook Tool for Job Seekers

In the Door helps users know which of their friends have connections to a company that might wish to work for, and filters by who is hiring and location. [Updated 12:30]

XOOM Sales Slow

At 100,000 sales so far, the widely praised iPad alternative has a fraction its competitors sales [Updated 12:30]



Is Apple Trying to Forget the White iPhone?

Apple appears to be erasing traces of the coveted white iPhone because it secretly plans to kill it–if you believe the conspiracy theorists who noted that images of the device went missing from the store late last night.

Facebook Gives Official ROI on sharing

A new report claims strong ROI for products talked about on Facebook, including $5.30 for Ticketmaster and $2.52 for Eventbrite.


Branson Unveils new Ocean Exploring Submarine

Billionaire experience-hunter Richard Branson unveiled a new premium service for exploring the wild depths of the oceans today; it’s a tub dubbed the Virgin Oceanic.

LinkedIn Developer Platform Gets Upgrade

New features include new JavaScript for “significantly” faster load times, improved security, and room for publisher interaction.

Pic of the Day


Our new addition to the #FastFeed lineup: Pic of the Day. Behold Groupon founder, Andrew Mason, in crazy creativity. Background story here.

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