Engadget Abandons AOL, Google Hunts Patent Protection, a Beautiful iPhone Rumor Infographic, and More…

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Facebook iPhone App gets Event Check-in and Other Updates


With version 3.4, users can check into events, see the location of the event or place on a Google Map, and can also now unfriend people. [Update: 4:39]

Libyan War Effects .ly Domains, the email newsletter subscription service, has lost its domain name after it was unable to renew its registration. While many, if not nearly all, .ly domains are safe, there are some unexpected risks, and more which may crop up in the ongoing war. [Update 3:00]


‘Angry Birds Rio’ Has 10 Million Downloads

The value of a becoming a cultural meme has an official number for new products: 10 million. Angry Birds jokes seem to everywhere in pop culture, and it’s meant big bucks for the latest ‘Rio’ release of the popular mobile game series. Below is a clip of Tina Fey and Aaron Sorkin in ’30 Rock’ talking Angry Birds strategy.  [Update 3:00]


Obama Campaign Launches with New Facebook Presence

The President’s new 2012 Campaign kicked off today with what may become deep Facebook integration. For now, users can sign into with their FB logins and are prompted to share the site with friends who haven’t signed on yet. [Updated 12:05]

Center for Public Integrity to start Investigative Journalism Site

The nonprofit journalism powerhouse will be armed with 37 writers and editors, including contributions from freelancers, and partner with other media giants, such as NPR and ABC. Aiming to be profitable, the site will offer ad-based and subscription models. [Updated 12:05]

Clever and Sophisticated Commercial for Cell Phone [Updated 12:05]


AOL Forced to Hire New Engadget Editor
After EIC Bails

After Editor-in-Chief Josh Topolsky and the entire senior staff left to start a competitor site, Engadget knighted automotive editor Tim Stevens as a replacement. The defections highlight growing disdain for the “AOL Way,” which includes quotas for page views and prioritizing search-engine driven content.

Google Hunts Enormous Patent Portfolio


To ward off suit-happy tech firms, Google has begun the process of buying the gigantic Nortel patent portfolio, which deters both the possibility of counter-suit and gives leverage to promote ideas into the open source community.

Turning Play Doh Into Science Education

Inspiring TED talk about how to create project-based electronics education through circuits and Play Doh. 

Beautiful iPhone Rumor Infographic

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