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New SCORE Site Helps Coach Small Businesses

What do the Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce, the PGA's Phil Mickelson, and small businesses have in common? They all have access to the world's best coaches. For Pierce, it's Celtics coach Doc Rivers; for Mickelson, it's famed swing instructor Butch Harmon; and, for small business, it's a number of organizations, with SCORE leading the way.

For those unfamiliar, SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that offers free advice to small businesses that need help getting off the ground. It also works to keep troubled businesses afloat. Unsure about finances? Whether an idea is good enough to launch a company? SCORE can help. The organization is staffed by people who've been in the trenches and who can provide great insight on a business or fledgling idea.

SCORE has now made it even easier for small businesses to get help through a new website called e-Business Now, which promotes workshops, how-to guides, events, and more. The clean design of the new site makes it easy for entrepreneurs looking for advice to jump right into topic areas on technology, creating a company roadmap, sales, cash flow, and more. (Full disclosure: The company I work for, Constant Contact, is a founding partner of e-Business Now.)

The site offers a combination of webinar-style learning and guides on topics including how to protect yourself when buying technology, choosing a domain name to drive traffic, and marketing your business with email and video. Also, the site has a bunch of stories from ventures that have found success after leveraging SCORE's vast resources. (Take note: It's always good practice to have a few successful customers touting your organization, product, and/or service!)

For those who might be a little unsure if connecting with a SCORE counselor is the right move, the e-Business Now site is a great way to help get your business pointed in the right direction or dip a toe in the water to learn more about what SCORE can offer. If you're a small business needing a little coaching, check out e-Business Now and SCORE today.