HTC Outsells Apple, Time Warner’s Cryptic iPad Release, Mark Cuban’s Android App, and More…

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Despite $81 Million in free equipment from telecom provider Huawei, logistical difficulties and unbudgeted costs made having underground cell coverage for the 2012 Summer Olympics unrealistic. [Update: 2:55]

MTV’s Look Inside Facebook Now Online

The “Diary of Facebook” episode takes an in-depth look at the company’s unorthodox workplace culture–like ‘Cribs’, but with less bling. [Update: 2:55]

Android Trojan Targets Pirates

To punish (and discourage) pirating of the digital black market, Android.Walkinwat disguises itself as a paid app and sends an SMS to all contacts, “Hey,just downlaoded [sic] a pirated app off the internet, Walk and Text for Android. Im stupid and cheap, it costed only 1 buck. Dont steal like I did!” [Update: 2:55]

No fooling: The Onion Launches iPad App


The famous comedy news site chose April Fools Day to launch OnionTablet–let’s hope people understand it’s for real. [Update: 2:55]

Mobile Scavenger Hunt Spices Up NY Library

A smartphone apps that inspires patrons to explore the library’s prized pieces premiers with an all-night marathon for the first 500 players. Tasks include finding a draft copy of the Declaration of Independence (with handwritten notes from Jefferson) and asks users to rewrite their own version of the historical document. The Nicolas Cage-y game trailer is below. [Update: 11:25]


HTC Outselling the iPhone at Verizon

In a sample of 150 stores, 17% more stores report higher HTC Thunderbolt sales than iPhone, though this could be because the HTC launched just 2 weeks ago.  

Fox Tells TWC to Drop Channels From iPad App

Then, Time Warner touts the addition of 17 new channels via a cryptic news release stating: “The channels, which were added overnight, include a diverse array of programming, including sports, news and public affairs networks.” None are named. (Ooh! Public affairs!)

Study Reveals Divided User Base on The Daily


Tech savvy users dismiss it, light users find it “highly compelling.” The million-dollar question is (literally), is the iPad mainstream enough to attract a profitable base of light users?

NBA Tickets Augmented Reality Treatment

Mark Cuban has invested in an Android app that gives ticket holders a clever augmented reality game. Neat, but worth the cost of the ticket? 

Music Unlimited Headed to NGP, PSP, and Xperia Play


Steaming music comes to the popular mobile gaming handsets (with later roll out to PSP and NGP); $3.99 for a genre-specific channel, and $9.99 wider-selection, premium service.

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