CBS Conscripts Twittering Stars for #CBSTweetWeek

The network apparently hopes to turn Twitter buzz into ratings.

CBS Tweet Week


Here’s an idea that we’re surprised has taken so song to implement: Stars have already been experimenting with live-tweeting during events–think James Franco at the Oscars, for instance. But so far as we know, CBS is the first network to organize a concerted “tweet week.” From the 3rd to the 11th, stars of various CBS shows will be tweeting while their show airs. It’s something like a DVD commentary of a show, but on Twitter, and in real-time. (Howard Stern did a version of this and created quite a buzz recently.)

The hashtag in question is #CBSTweetWeek. Ever wonder what goes through Jeff Probst’s head when he watches his solemn, campfire-lit face on a broadcast of “Survivor”? Eager to hear the funny story about how crew members cracked up in hysterics when Donnie Wahlberg dunked a bad guy’s head in a toilet on “Blue Bloods”? Then follow @JeffProbst and @DonnieWahlberg, respectively, and pay attention to their accounts when the shows hit the air next week.

Here, a brief taste of the Twitter stylings of a few other performers:

@SimonHelberg (of “The Big Bang Theory”), 31 March: “So the further east you go in LA, the more guys begin to look like confederate soldiers. By Barstow, they are in full SS uniforms. #hipsters”

@PhilKeogan (of “The Amazing Race”), 31 March: “Riding @ the Velodrome #cycling is like de-fragmenting a hard drive, I feel optimized again after riding 105 inch gear for a few hours:)”

@danieldaekim (of “Hawaii Five-O”), 23 March: “‘Nice guys finish last.’ True or false? Your thoughts please.”


A glimpse of the full tweeps roster:

Mediabistro has the full tweeting schedule, complete with relevant handles and hashtags; the roster also includes presenters at the Academy of Country Music Awards and analysts of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball national championship game, among others.

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