iPad Jacks eBay Sales, Google Stops the Music, Tesla Is the Big Fourth, Send Texts From Within Facebook, and More… [Updated]

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The Washington Post, Time inc, and 9 others have sent a cease-and-desist order to Zite, an iPad app that offers a customized news feed based on a user’s general interests in a magazine-like format.

Google Denies Working on a Facial-Recognition App

CNN’s story about the Google Goggle-based facial recognition app is rejected by a company spokesman as “speculative.” Despite interviewing an engineering director of image recognition, Hartmut Neven, about the project, Google said “we are in fact not working on developing an app with these capabilities.” [Updated: 1:45pm]

iPad 2 Sales Soar on Ebay [infographic]

2 auction sales nearly double sales domestically compared to the first version, as the iPad 2 is still notoriously difficult to buy retail. The cheapest model (wifi 16GB) is the most popular (30%), while the most expensive (3G 64GB) is a close second (23%). [Updated: 12:54]



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Google Music Search Disappears

Playable music links at the top of search results have inexplicably disappeared (except for YouTube), perhaps in preparation for Google’s rumored cloud music project.

Twitter’s #Dickbar is Gone

The widely criticized feature that shows promoted ads (and trends) atop Twitter’s mobile app has officially be removed, just days after co-founder Jack Dorsey came back on board.  


Premium rental service for movies yet to be released on DVD

Major labels and television providers have signed on to a $30 service, Home Premiere, to show movies after they are out of theaters but before they hit DVDs. 

Tesla to become an American Auto Icon?

Morgan Stanley issues bold report calling it “America’s Fourth Automaker” and predicting triple Tesla’s current stock price. “In our view, the conditions are ripe for a shake-up of a complacent, century-old industry heavily invested in the status quo of internal combustion.”

Send texts from within Facebook


The HayWire app gives users their own number (for 20 Facebook credits) and permits limitless texts worldwide without per message fees.

Google Demands Order in Android Land

Enforcement of “non-fragmentation clauses,” allegations of holding up Verizon phones that use Bing, and delay of Honeycomb, reveal Google as uncharacteristically antagonistic towards open source.

Google Joins NFC Forum To Advance Near Field Communication Technology

The NFC members will provide crucial “in-house” testing for the much anticipated card-less technology.

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