RIP Blockbuster, Tesla Sues BBC, Google Answer Bot, and more…

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Users may never have to leave a website again to take actions, such as retweet, respond, and follow, to specific content or names on a website via a pop-up. [Updated: 5:04]

Keylogger software found on Samsung laptops 

The company is investigating the issue after a Samsung supervisor reportedly admitted to the researchers who uncovered the monitoring software that it was installed to find out how the computer “is being used.” [Updated: 5:04]

Kansas wins Google’s super-fast broadband pilot

Kansas City was selected from nearly 1,100 applications to receive universal access at “competitive prices” to a one-gigabyte backbone [Updated: 1:07pm]


Blockbuster on the Block

After 68 Million in losses, the rental icon will go the highest bidder on April 4th.

Tesla Sues BBC Over Critical Review It Says Was Faked

Tesla claims libel against ‘Top Gear’s’ review of their car’s poor energy longevity in real-world conditions.

Google Launches Query-Answering Chatbot


For now, Google Talk Guru answers very basic queries through the Google chat interface.

Salesforce Buys Radian6 for 326 million

The popular Customer Relations Management platform will likely expand its services to include sophisticated, real-time social media monitoring.

The Japan Earthquake Could Squash the Built-in DVD Drive

Shortage of Slim-type Optical Disk Drive components motivates vendors to reduce the number of computers equipped with the device–a decision that may not be reversed.

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