iFive: Amazon Cloud Music Woes, Windows 8 Hints, Android Gets In-App Purchases, FBI Hunts Comodo Hacker, NFC in Win Phones

Today’s early tech news: We’ve got it covered.

1. Amazon has just pulled the veil from its music locker-in-the-cloud system only to run into organizational and potential legal trouble. It’s Sony Music this time, angry that Amazon’s use of cloud streaming to clients is denying it potential royalty income. Amazon says “meh!” and alleges all it’s doing is supplying client’s own MP3 files–which they’ve already paid for–back to them. It’s the same issue that’s apparently dogged Apple‘s similar iTunes plans. Will Sony pull its tracks from Amazon? Will we miss them?


2. Windows 7 may still seem like a brand new product, but Windows 8 is already in-bound: According to new rumors, Microsoft has just started delivering early copies of the OS to trusted OEM partners (which means it’s probably only a matter of time ’til it appears on torrent sites). We know very little about the OS, other than rumors that say it’s due in September and has a 3-D interface. 

3. Late yesterday Google added a facility to Android that finally brings it up to pace with Apple’s effort: In-app billing. According to Google, the facility gives developers “more ways to monetize your apps with try-and-buy, virtual goods, upgrades and other billing models.” The search giant has released a suite of tools to help developers put the system in action, and highlights security.

4. The “Comodo” web security certificate hack that excited the tech world the other day, and was then revealed to be the work of a lone Iranian hacker, has now attracted the attention of the FBI. The hack affected giant names like Google and Yahoo, which explains the high profile legal scritiny–this also includes the Italian authorities–as does the fact that the hack was clever enough to use a loophole that has no automatic facility to fix. 

5. Pretty much putting the seal on the idea that NFC wireless credit cards are coming very soon, it’s emerged that Windows Phone 7 may be getting the ability to process payments using NFC tech in a future update. Given the projected multi-billion-dollar size of the predicted wireless pay market and recent suggestions Win Phone could capture 20% of the smartphone market, the reasons why are clear.

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