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SXSW 2011 Highlight Reel: "Machete"'s Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez, and Some Slightly Creepy Clay

What's cooler than Danny Trejo as a knife-wielding outlaw in Machete? Danny Trejo as a knife-wielding outlaw ... rendered in clay. Frank Rose from Wired sat down with Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Jamal Henderson (PepsiCo), and Ian Kovalik (Mekanism) to discuss PepsiCo's new claymation ad spots for Lipton Brisk.

What do creepy, celebrity-voiced clay models have to do the evolution of Brisk as a brand? Brisk has been off the public radar for years now, after all. But what better way to build hype than with their tried-and-true "That's Brisk, Baby!" campaign, but with a new twist? "It just made sense that if we're gonna launch Brisk, let's do it right," Kovalik explains. "Let's do it with something that would be unexpected, subversive." Like Danny Trejo.