Floating Solar Power Plant Pilot Project Given Go Ahead in India

You’ve no doubt heard of offshore wind power, how about offshore solar power? Well, Australian solar power company Sunengy would like you to, or at least floating solar power–announcing that it has partnered with India’s Tata Power to build a pilot project for a floating solar power plant there.

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Construction of the pilot plant in India will commence in August this year…Sunergy plans to set up a larger [Liquid Solar Array] in the NSW Hunter Valley in middle of 2012 before going into full production.

Here’s how Sunergy touts the benefits of its liquid solar array technology:

The LSA uses traditional Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) technology – a lens and a small area of solar cells that tracks thesun throughout the day, like a sunflower. Floating the LSA on water reduces the need for expensive supporting structuresto protect it from high winds. The lenses submerge in bad weather and the water also cools the cells which increases theirefficiency and life-span.

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[Image by sunengy]