Jack Dorsey’s Re-Tweet, Radiohead’s Newspaper, eBay’s Billion-Dollar Spending Spree, Facebook Prof, and more…

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Government mulls takeover of Japanese powerplant: A plan to nationalize Tokyo Electric Power is being floated, reports the Yomiuri newspaper. [Updated 7:18pm]


NY Times paywall work-around successes and failures: the NYTimes shut down one bypass website with blinding speed, and yet is appearing to let a simple URL hack coast by. [Updated 7:18pm]

Psychedelic remixing is still pirating: EMI wins 950k in a case regarding early sales of remixed Beatle songs by[Updated 7:18pm]

Patently fun
: A racing simulation game may be coming to Nintendo Wii in the near future, reveals a newly filed patent. [Updated 7:18pm]

Classing up the masses: the Youtube Symphony Orchastra Grand Finale streams to 33 million people in 189 countries. [Updated 7:18pm]


Synthetic Nature on Steroids: Scientists recreate a leaf that has the potential to power a house from a gallon water using a more efficient form of photosynthesis. [Updated: 5:00pm]

Group messaging finds a way to monetize: Need instantaneous pop culture updates? Groupme, king of the recent group texting industry, has partnered with brands, such as ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and the Coachella Music Festival, in a attempt to profit from their free service. [Updated: 12:38pm]

‘Nano-bricks’ lock in food flavor longer: A new transparent packaging technology, made from the same particles used to construct clay bricks, could keep food fresh longer, maybe for years. [Updated: 10:52am]


Retro-innovation alert: Radiohead prints a newspaper. To celebrate the recent digital and vinyl releases of the band’s new album King of Limbs, Radiohead hands out physical copies worldwide of a newspaper called The Universal Sigh, full of art, poetry, and McSweeney’s-style old timey-ness. (Missed name opportunity: New Yorke Times).


Locavores and the capitalists that love ’em: how ’bout these apples? Location-based service and iPhone App,, connects local buyers to local, healthy food.

Ebay blows $1.96 billion on daily deals eCommerce engine GSI: With enhanced powers, the web’s original garage sale goes Groupon–with shades of Gilt Groupe (GSI’s membership model) and Amazon (GSI offers members free shipping). 

Professor becomes a Facebook mini-icon: After publishing 3,200 original essays on Facebook, the professor enjoys a bit of cyberlebrity.”You hunt where the ducks are,” Nunokawa said. “Facebook is where my students are.” 

Spotting cancer earlier: Dime-size diagnostic uses carbon nanotubes (tiny, cylinders with lattice walls made of carbon atoms) to catch breakaway cancer cells–and HIV–as blood flows through them. Translation: Cheaper, earlier diagnosis means ilves saved in developing or epidemic-addled countries.

Jack is back. Dorsey, that is. After much speculation, looks like he’s indeed going to be running product development for Twitter.


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