Quora Question of the Week: Why “Color”?

Apple II


There’s a simple but nagging question, and a simple answer, that went up at Quora over the weekend. Of the social photo app making a splash–nay, an explosion–over the past week, someone asks, “Why is Color named ‘Color’?”

We get our answer straight from the horse’s mouth (the post is tagged “Questions Where the CEO/Founder Answers Personally”). Writes Color CEO Bill Nguyen:

A tribute to Apple’s color logo from the Apple II. This computer changed
my life when I was seven (also a reference to another company name I’ve

My dad bought one from ComputerCraft run by Billy Ladin
in Houston. He was one of the first computer resellers back in 1977.
In an odd twist, I meet him in an elevator 15 years later and worked for
him. He introduced me to the Web.

Working at Apple was a dream. Color’s name is a tribute to Apple.

Another way, then, that Nguyen was influenced by Steve Jobs.

The answer is neat, but is it completely satisfying? We can see how the logo for Color might seem to be a more elaborate version of the Apple II’s, and the logo itself is colorful. But if Nguyen wanted his app’s name to echo Apple‘s, maybe he could have called his startup Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.

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