Top Three Reasons People Get Bored Reading Your Blog

“I fell asleep twice during your blog post.”

NOT something you ever want to hear. And I know I’m taking a risk writing a post about how to not put people to sleep. But hey, what the hell? Here goes.

I think a blog post should be a little more like a conversation. It sure can feel schizophrenic. But most people just want to talk, not be talked at.

Let me know if you also get bored reading blogs for these reasons.

1. Too many words. Blathering on? Well stop. Keep it short and punchy. If you need to say a lot, make it a three-part series and give people a reason to keep on reading. Any more than 500 words may as well be War and Peace.

2. Safe and / or not offensive. Loosen up a little and don’t be afraid to get people fired up. Have some whiskey before you blog if that’ll get you through it. Be like that one cousin at the family reunion that you need to hide the Bud from cause he starts getting honest.

3. Me. Me. Me. This happens way too much in corporate blogs. How many people want to hear about how successful I am? Get zero comments for several weeks straight? That’s cause your blog is equivalent to my mom’s slideshow of her vacation. Make it useful to other people besides yourself.

Sound off! What else should be banned from blogging?

Maybe having no links? Crap, because I just did that. ESO