How to Use OnGreen to Make Money in Cleantech

Investors and cleantech entrepreneurs alike should take note of this pie chart from OnGreen, a just-launched online marketplace for cleantech startups seeking funds. The information is gleaned from OnGreen’s beta site, which already has 350 companies seeking $1.9 billion in capital ($142 million is sought by companies that already have funding).

As the chart indicates, renewable energy is the fashionable place to be right now. But while energy is perhaps the most pressing problem, there is  room for development and investment in every cleantech field. OnGreen already has plenty of buzzworthy companies in other sectors, including Rubbersidewalks (a company that, unsurprisingly, wants cash to build rubber sidewalks) and Home Town Farms (a startup that plans to build vertical farms throughout California). But by and large the flashiest and most well-established fund-seekers are involved in renewable energy–check out Kinetic Traction Systems and Clean Plasma Energy Technology to see what we mean.

A word of advice, then, for aspiring cleantech entrepreneurs: if you really want to stand out from the crowd, skip renewable energy and focus on an underappreciated sector like waste management.

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