Google Goes Gaga for Lady Gaga (Who Are We to Complain?)

Gaga Google

Google‘s Musicians@Google production just released an exclusive interview between Lady Gaga and Marissa Mayer. How could we not pay attention? This is, after all, a perfect pop-culture-tech-innovation-creativity storm as far as we’re concerned.

The chance to schmooze with rock ‘n roll Google (the subject of big coverage in the current issue of our magazine) CEOs Larry Page and Sergei Brin, and talk brand management and cutting edge fashion design with VP of consumer products Marissa Mayer (one of our Most Influential Women in Tech in 2011) must’ve tickled the considerable fancy of Lady Gaga (our Most Creative Person for 2010). Or possibly it appealed to her marketing team, thanks to the tremendous reach of Google and its YouTube video sharing engine–a site which has already delivered over a billion views of Gaga clips. Or perhaps Google’s management team reads Fast Company. Or something.

Maybe it’s just one of those sweet, sweet harmonious moments in music history. Like when The Beatles landed at JFK (yes, captured of course on YouTube), or when The Clash played the Palladium in 1979 (ditto, as audio).

Whatever. Check out the interview below–it’s over an hour long, but worth it. Did you know when she was in high school Gaga (the “queen of the download,” according to Mayer) said all her friends wanted to work at Google, while she was targeting being one of the most searched for subjects on Google? Mission accomplished, miLady.

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