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"In the information age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show."
 - Timothy Leary

I recently saw Jason Silva at TEDActive Palm Springs. Media personality, singularity enthusiast, Fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute, and interviewer (he recently interviewed Barry Ptolemy director of the documentary Transcendent Man (, Jason is among the extraordinary thinkers of our time.

Jason agrees with, that the future is "co-mingled sensation and co-opted dreams." Consequently, Jason is on a mission to "agitate the sleep of mankind" and he offers the statement below as a call to action.

 "The goal is to re-ignite and bring back the ethos of McLuhan, Bucky Fuller, Joseph Campbell and Ernest Becker, and relate it to the progress and transformations of our time.

What Jason is primarily referring to is the ‘extended mind thesis’ – a concept that reaches far beyond academia today.

We are, more and more, outsourcing our minds.  Increasingly, the web of organic computation said to encompass human consciousness is distributing itself in a decentralized fashion, expanding outward, beyond the biological brain. By distributing consciousness throughout the electric network, we are spreading the electrical activity within our brain over an infinitely more resilient and robust network. It is this robustness that makes the total functioning of the brain somewhat resistant to the death of a section of neurons.

Just like the "mind" of the computer used to exist within its hard drive and is now transitioning to the wireless cloud, so too, the human mind used to exist in the brain (our biological hard drive) and is now transitioning and distributing itself to the cloud, Internet, electric network, etc.

We are following the principles of any self-organizing system as it expands outward. The "Extended Mind" thesis put forth by U.S. philosophers David Chalmers and Andy Clark is accurate: our technological devices have become anatomically part of Homo-Evolutis. We are "transbiological" beings – a hybrid, symbiotic species, organic and synthetic.  Just like our frontal cortex gives us complex speech, our iPhone gives us telepathy: they are both structures of the Homo-Evolutis species.

It doesn't matter if "features and components" of our cognition are, in fact, beyond our tissue; they are still tethered to us wirelessly. We have simply "exceeded" our physical selves.

We have spilled over beyond our tissue and flesh: a human today is an airplane, a cruise ship… We are everything and anything that began as a thought inside the brain.

At the intersection of science and art lies wonder. Wonder is where curiosity, ecstasy, and joy reside. It is the catalyst for human imagination and technical ingenuity. I see technology as the extension of human imagination.

Sophocles said "Manifold the wonders, nothing towers more wondrous than man," and he was right. Meanwhile, Ray Kurzweil pointed out that the span of time between significant events in evolution is shrinking... How can one not be excited?

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Edited by Elizabeth Adams