• 03.24.11

How to Turbo-Charge Your Growth Plan in One Hour or Less

Business growth reviews take discipline–and they can also be highly rewarding.This EnergizeGrowth® Plan Review Process removes some of the fear and mystery. Use this with your teams and stakeholders to take your growth to the next level.

The EnergizeGrowth® Plan Review Process will help. I have led over 100 plan reviews in the past decade using this approach. Benefits far outweigh the time and effort you will invest. For example, teams have discovered vulnerabilities in their plans that they otherwise would have entirely missed. Within just a short time, the process gives you a holistic view of the company’s growth potential from the perspective of customers, adversaries, and senior management. (Download the EnergizeGrowth® Plan Review Process here.)


Business growth reviews take discipline–and they can also be highly rewarding. This process removes some of the fear and mystery. Let me know how yours progresses and post your comments here.

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