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SXSW 2011 Highlight Reel: Designing Careers That Don't Yet Exist

[Moderated by Anya Kamenetz; From left to right: Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Chris Hoyt (@TheRecruiterGuy), Scott Belsky (Behance)]

Ohanian talks about spending your off time thinking of the next big startup or project—even in the shower.

Hoyt talks about finding something you're passionate about, and how you magically make time for it then. Belsky finishes with a discussion of how they make money on their projects. Ask yourself, he says: "What is the willingness to pay for what you are creating?" Test that early, see where that goes. 

Hoyt: How do you identify talent? As the workspace evolves, so does the way we recruit. It's not just important that we get what we need from an employee, it's also important that they get what they need from us.

Ohanian: Startups can have an unfair advantage. We gave people at Reddit the incentive that if you do well, we do well and that creates an incredible environment.

Hoyt: It's not about hunting for talent anymore, it's about growing relationships. You may get the job of tomorrow with those connections.

Belsky: Technology has sadly been used to take advantage of talent instead of empowering it. He gives an example of when a company gave a prize for anyone who could create the best logo—it creates what he calls "dangerous engagement." 

Ohanian: The message to kids coming out of school really should be, if you gotta live at your parents house for a year after you get out of college to work on your startup, do it!