How to Get Your Mojo Back

You may think you no longer have what it takes to be successful in business. It’s time to start dancing to a new turn.

It’s never easy getting your motor started after you haven’t used your equipment in a while. The same holds true when you are getting back in the saddle after time away from the workplace. Here are some ways you can quickly get your mojo back in the world of work.


This is the new normal: The sooner you realize that what you have in front of you is the new normal, the happier you’ll be. Wishing and praying for the good old days to return will do nothing but drag you down. And by the way, if the good old days were that darn good, then why are you no longer in the job you are mourning for?

Volatility in the workplace is here to stay. Adjust your thinking and hang on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Be open to new opportunities: I didn’t grow up expecting to be a consultant or a writer but when opportunity knocked, I was open to these new opportunities. The job you just accepted may not be the job of your dreams or it may be. You just may not know it yet.

Be open to whatever tasks are thrown your way. You never know where this path will lead.

Take risks: The mere idea of failure prevents people from taking risks. Yet risks are what make life so interesting. Imagine going to work every day doing the same exact thing for the rest of your life. Now that’s frightening. Step outside your comfort zone and take a risk.

Start with small steps and as you become more comfortable, take bigger leaps.


Tune out the noise: It is hard to do your best work when you are worried what others will think. Tune out the noise inside your head that is saying you have no right to be doing the job that you are in. Replace the soundtrack with a more upbeat song.

Somewhere along the line, someone thought you were a valuable resource. That someone might have even been you. Change songs and put some funk back in your step.

Dance like no one is in the room: I admire celebrities that go on Dancing With the Stars because in most cases, they are doing something totally out of their comfort zone. Sure, some of them look like fools on day one, but most improve significantly as the weeks go by.

It takes practice to get good at something. Put some bounce in your step as you walk through the halls of your workplace. Don’t be surprised if others take notice and start applauding your every move.

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For more than 25 years, Roberta Chinsky Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting, has helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, New Balance, The Boston Beer Company and small to medium-size businesses, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent. She is known world-wide as “The Talent Maximizer®.” Roberta, a leading authority on leadership and the skills and strategies required to earn employee commitment and client loyalty, is the author of the top-selling book, Suddenly In Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around (Nicholas Brealey, 2011), a Washington Post Top 5 Business Book For Leaders